Рим впечатление луксозна каменна плоча

Рим впечатление луксозна каменна плоча

Материал: естествен луксозен камък Цвят: син MOQ: 10 m 2 Xiamen Realho Stone Co., Ltd

Информация за продукта

Rome Impression Luxury Stone Slab for decoration TV wall Background table top

Jade is processed and carved into exquisite crafts, called jade carving. Using unique design, a fine jade product carefully crafted from a variety of natural jade or a certain type of natural jade is called fine jade carving, but it is not a decoration and jewelry in the usual sense. "Jewellery", for example, the interior and exterior of the Saudi royal palace are decorated with luxury stones. Natural stone painting also belongs to a category of luxury stone

High-end rare stone is characterized by its uniqueness, natural uniqueness, colorful texture, high processing difficulty and difficulty in being imitated.


MaterialRome Impression Luxury stone
Surface Finish ChoicePolished, Honed, Flamed, Sandblasted, Grooved, Inclined, Stripped, Bush-hammered, Tumbled, Antique, Brushed, Picked, Splitted, Rough, Sawn, Water-hydraulic, Mushroom,  etc.
ProductDry-hangs, Cut-to-Sizes, Panels, Slabs, Tops, Blocks, Pavings, Kerbs, etc.
Common SizesThe below sizes are common ones, we can also do according to your requirement.
PanelsSize(mm)300X300, 300X600, 600x600, etc.
Thickness(mm)10, 18, 20, 30, etc.
SlabsSize(mm)2400upx600, 2400upx800,2500upx1200up, etc.
Thickness(mm)16,17,20,30, etc.
CountertopsSize(mm)1800x560, 2100x560, 2400x560, etc.
Thickness(mm)20, 30, etc.
Vanity TopsSize(mm)1200x560, 1500x560, 1800x560, etc.
Thickness(mm)20, 30, etc.
PavingsSize(mm)200x200, 400x400, 600x400, 800x400, etc.
KerbsSize(mm)Lx20x30, Lx15x30, Lx12x30, etc.


Q: Can u send me sample?
A: Of course, sample can be sent for quality test.


Q: What is your MOQ?
A: Our MOQ usually is 10SQM.


Q: When we place an order, can I visit your factory to inspect goods?
A: Yes, welcome to visit us.

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Xiamen Realho Stone Co., Ltd

Ms.Hellen He

Tel: 86-592-5221077 Fax: 86-592-8327777

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Добре дошли да закупите луксозна каменна плоча от естествен камък от естествен рим от Realho Stone, която е добре известна като един от водещите производители и доставчици в Китай. При строга система за контрол и управление на качеството, нашата собствена професионална каменна фабрика ще ви предложи най-доброто качество луксозна каменна плоча от рим на евтина цена.
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